Born in Paris, in 1972, Julien Malland began painting murals in the 20th arrondissement of Paris under the name of Seth. He made himself known among Parisian graffiti artists by creating characters.

As a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris (ENSAD) he published ““Kapital, one year of graffiti in Paris“ in collaboration with Gauthier Bischoff in 2000, which became the best selling book about French graffiti.
Together, they founded “Wasted Talent”, a publishing house specializing in monographs of urban artists.

Since 2003, he entured across the world to exchange with street artists from different cultures, in order to broaden his horizon on life and on mural painting. From this experience he has been compelled to draw simple characters, mostly children, somehow connected to the chaotic environment in which they are revealed. Witnessing the outcome of globalization, its creations are celebrating traditions. Thus they are defining a hybrid culture between modern expression and traditional representation. His approach aims to arouse an artistic dialogue, whether it is a collaboration with local urban artists or a learning process of traditional techniques from local craftsmen. In addition, Seth is the presenter, author and director of “Les nouveaux explorateurs“, a TV serial show produced by Canal+, each show focusing on a country and its local mural artists. His travels during the last two years are narrated in a book he authored, “Extramuros“.

Selective biography

• Kapital un an de graffiti à Paris
with Gautier Bischoff,
Alternatives edition, 2000

• Globe-painter 7 mois de voyages et de graffiti
Alternatives edition, 2007

• Tropical Spray Voyage au coeur du graffiti brésilien
Alternatives edition, 2010

• Extramuros Chroniques d’un Globe-painter
Alternatives edition, 2012


Graffiti Argentina
in Argentina,  directed by Julien Malland & Timo Ebermann,
52mn, 2014 © Bonne Pioche Productions

Graffiti Outback
in Argentina,  directed by Julien Malland & Timo Ebermann,
52mn, 2013 © Bonne Pioche Productions

Khmers et sprays
in Cambodia,  directed par Julien Malland & Timo Ebermann,
52mn, 2013, © Bonne Pioche Productions

Des îles et des arts
in Réunion & Madagascar,  directed by Vincent Lefebvre,
52mn, 2012, © Bonne Pioche Productions


Icône de rue
in Ukraine, directed by Olivier Lemaire,
52mn, 2012 © Bonne Pioche Productions

Graffiti Chicha
in Peru, directed by Olivier Lemaire,
52mn, 2012 © Bonne Pioche Productions

Défaites le mur
in Israël-Palestine, directed by Vincent Lefebvre,
52mn, 2012 © Bonne Pioche Productions

Graffiti Yassa
in Sénégal, directed by Vincent Lefebvre,
52mn, 2011 © Bonne Pioche Productions


Icastica, Arezzo Art Festival 2015
intervention, 999 gallery, Icastica
September 2015

Walking on a dream
solo show, galerie Itinerrance, Paris,
March 2015

Looking through
collective show, Bund 18, Shanghai
November 2014

In & out
collective show, Mac de Créteil
September 2014

Urban Legends
with Philippe Beaudelocque,collective show, MACRO Roma
May 2014

duo show, galerie Geraldine Zberro, Paris
January 2014

Graffiti “Etats des Lieux”
with Philippe Beaudelocque, Galerie du Jour agnés.b
September 2013

galerie Itinerrance, Paris
September 2013

Les bains douches
collective intervention, galerie Magda Danysz
March 2013

Les Entrailles du Palais
collective intervention, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
November 2012

solo show, galerie Géraldine Zberro, Paris
November 2012

Graffiti “Etats des Lieux”
collective exhibition, Galerie du Jour agnés.b, Paris
September 2009