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Galerie Itinerrance
24 Boulevard du Général d’Armée Jean Simon
75013 Paris, France
February 6 – April 11 2020

Over the course of his many trips painting walls, Seth has witnessed the incredible resilience of children everywhere. Whether in a school located in war-torn Ukraine, or in a favela beset by cartel violence, children invent imaginary worlds as a way to escape. Despite being a life learning process, play often remains the easiest way to flee from the relentless reality that surrounds them.

For this exhibition, Seth reinterprets some of his creations painted across the world, and speaks to the child inside us all. As he likes to say, his paintings are “doors that open up to imaginary worlds.” They encourage us, for a moment, to look inwards to see the extent of our inner wealth.

We find Seth’s recurring themes, his love of books, toys as an escape tool, or the nostalgia of a disappearing world. The vortex often remains present, which can be understood by each of us as we please: the passage to another dimension, the reflection of the imagination or a representation of the different levels of consciousness. It embodies the rich inner universe that floods space, the door to a new world, like the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.